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BLUE MORPH 2007 - Present

Water Bodies 2006 - Present

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Mood Swings 2005 - 2007

Quantum Tunnels 2003 - 2008

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Hox Zodiac 2009 - Present

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Video Reels

Octopus BrainStorming @ the LA Art Show was a hit!

The only thing we were not prepared for was the number of people who were interested and wanted to try it out. In the end, we did unplugged versions and let people try on the octopus crown — they were lining up! Updating with more photos and impressions soon!

Octopus BrainStorming write-up

UCLA Newsroom

UCLA Newsroom featured Octopus BrainStorming:

For the last year, two professors from UCLA have been inviting people to take part in one of the most interesting conversations of their lives. The most recent setting was at a technology and art convention in Slovenia. In a darkened room two people each wore a ceremonial crown that resembled a fluorescent octopus, which covered brain-wave–reading electrodes attached to their heads. But the strangest part? The participants never uttered a word to each other.

Welcome to “Octopus BrainStorming,” a participatory performance art installation that combines the technology of neuroscience with an artistic interpretation of the type of communication exhibited by octopi. read more HERE

Synaesthesia symposium

I learned so much in these past two weeks about Synaesthesia — fascinating and so important for us to think about our senses in this time of technological extension of sound, light, smell and so many other aspects. This was organized in tandem with the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists and Scientists (IASAS) and the Building bridges Art Exchange at Bergamot Station Art center. The symposium is now online for those who missed it, or like me, would want to go back and revisit. Here is the link to the archive.


Noise Aquarium in Singapore Oct 11-13


Octopus BrainStorming @ Speculum Artium

Immediately after 24/7 non-stop time @ Ars Electronica, we packed up and traveled to Trbovlje, Slovenia to set up the latest version of Octopus BrainStorming. Mark flew in from LA for just this event and was there for 3 days only before flying back for another set of deadlines. It was the most advance version to date! Here is a short unedited video — this is real time, color and sound changes activated by non-verbal communication of Aleksa and Mitja who volunteered and performed for over 2 hours!

Fluid Visualization and Sound Matters

Just arrived to Vienna — getting ready for the symposium organized by Ingeborg Reichle. This project has its’ own momentum! I have to start working on the sound issues — visuals are no problem — gorgeous visualization by an amazing process involving biologists and animated by Martina Fröschl who is working on her PhD under the direction of Alfred Vendl.

Noise Aquarium premieres in Brisbaine!

These are the first photos we just received of the first version of Noise Aquarium from June at Brisbaine Technical University and – how exciting! Martina and Alfred Vend are here from Vienna to work on the project for just a few days only so this is such a boost!

Visiting the Pula Aquarium site

Could not be a better location for the Noise Aquarium and it turns out that they were just setting up the Plankton exhibition. The director was excited about the idea and I had a great tour and am looking forward to working in Pula!


Bird Song Mimic Jury selection: Japan Media Arts festival

Bird Song Mimic will be at the Japan Media Arts festival at the same time that Bird Song Diamond is at Ars Electronica’s Deep Space! East West bird communication has to be established! 🙂

Bodies INCorporated (1996) revived / archived by Rhizome!

20+ years later — as Bodies INC 2.0 is on show at the Beall gallery and in development, the old VRML version is revived by Rhizome with an emulator!


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