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Video Reels

Photos from Hox Zodiac workshop

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WORKSHOP: Performing the Animal Self / Ingesting Cultural Hybridity: Hox Zodiac reception

At the invitation of Professor Ruth Schnell, I worked with a small group of students from the Digital Arts and Art & Science program to create a performative event. Here is the invitation!

HoxZ_wheel_w_animalsHOX ZODIAC Empfang

Die zur Zeit in Wien gastierende Künstlerin Victoria Vesta (Schwein), UCLA Art Sci center, gemeinsam mit Denise Schellmann (Affe), Juno Matsumoto (Affe), Julia Tazreiter (Tiger), Magdalena Friedl (Ochse) und Special Guest Lucie Strecker


HOX ZODIAC reception

Visiting Artist Victoria Vesna (PIG), UCLA Art Sci center,  together with Denise Schellmann (MONKEY), Junko Matsumoto (MONKEY), Julia Tazreiter (TIGER) and Magdalena Friedl (OX), Nikita Zhukovskiy (DOG) with special guest  Lucie Strecker (SNAKE) invite you to join us for a

TODAY, April 5, 2016 — 16:00 – 18:00 — Sterngasse 13, 2nd floor

Performing the Animal Self / Ingesting Cultural Hybridity: Hox Zodiac reception

Chance is the only true source of novelty. Life Itself is chance. Crick, F. The Origin and Nature, pg 58 (1982 )

Our perception and experience of the world around us is limited by an anthropocentric viewpoint – in part a physical limitation of our senses – but largely because we forget that as animals we share a common inheritance both genetically and ecologically with the myriad of species around us.

Genetic information is the ultimate game of chance – a success of evolution thatis based on heritability, mutations, and variations that promise of survival, species propagation, and enhancement. Responding to the emergent nature of the game-like environment of the ancient Book of Changes, the I Ching, and the related work of John Cage serves as a base for the conceptual framework of the project. Similar to Cage’s ideas of chance and indeterminacy, this work looks to the ancient Eastern philosophies along with the scientific research, seeking the balance between rational and irrational, conscious and unconscious – in relation to our interconnectivity with the animal kingdom.

The students were asked to familiarize themselves with their given animal from the Chinese zodiac and explore the relationship to itself and the other animals in the room. The emerging hybridity is not only in relation to the genetic but also to cultural mutations. Through this interface, we specifically focus on the influence of Chinese culture in Western daily lives through consumerism.

We end the workshop with a tasting session that includes offering and ingesting food by participants as a cultural gesture. …………

Keywords: Hox gene • Chinese zodiac • I Ching • Neuroscience and art • Animal-human relationship • Biotech and art

Ars Electronica interview just published

The Essential Challenge of Interactive Art

What does interactive actually mean? We touch something and then experience the upshot of that act? Or does interactivity already come about when we view an image? READ


Presenting Bird Song Diamond at IPAM today!


I was under the impression that I was giving a short talk and somehow saw myself on schedule giving a 2 hour tutorial. Went along with this as I was in the middle of preparing my class lecture Math & Art – this offered me a way to be in the midst of the subject. The audience was really helpful with their comments and questions — really enjoyed meeting some new people too! Unfortunately I missed Lev’s presentation the day after — had to drive out to Santa Barbara for the Moxi museum pre-opening…


Hox Zodiac at the Slater Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound

This was a great space to host Hox Zodiac and the director, Peter Wimberger, was so generous with the artifacts and giving us the space and help! People are real foodies in Seattle area so we had some amazing dishes and drinks too — many will be added to the Hox cookbook! See more pics from the event.

IMG_0382 IMG_0388 IMG_0409

IMG_0465 IMG_0458IMG_0461 IMG_0497

Art Sci retreat and visit to Jean-Pierre Herve’s studio

V_Jean-Pierre_interviewPreparing for the opening of Jean Pierre Herve’s work at the Art Sci gallery with a visit to his studio in Santa Barbara. Amazed to find out he was an intern at IBM in 1959! Reminded me of Casey Reas’s work so I wrote him to come along and it turns out they know each other well… small world!

Interview with Kathy High — almost 30 years ago!

Unbelievable how time flies! Just last week, Kathy High was participating in the LASER I was hosting at UCLA and in her intro mentioned how we first met during the early cable TV — Videowave — interview in NY. And today I find this on facebook! 🙂

EMP good bye dinner!

Can’t believe it’s been 3 almost 3 months that I am here in Japan! So much has happened and I really connected to the culture, the people the energy of this magical country. I am so grateful to Hiroo Iwata who invited me to be Visiting Professor in the Empowerment Informatics Program (EMP) and really look forward to continuing the collaborations. Marvelous dinner in a gorgeous traditional house for the farewell dinner!



L to R seated: Enzaki, V, Hiroo, Kenji / standing: Hikaru, Aki, John, Maša, Aisen, Takeshi

BIRD SONG DIAMOND Japan documentation videos

Bird Song Diamond Japan entrance into space: WORMS from Art|Sci Center on Vimeo.

Bird Song Diamond Japan: flocking / boids from Art|Sci Center on Vimeo.

Bird Song Diamond Japan: how the birds see us from Art|Sci Center on Vimeo.

Bird Song Diamond Japan: becoming the diamond from Art|Sci Center on Vimeo.

From the dinner table to Virtual Reality to ceramics

In the same month, I held a Hox Zodiac dinner, went to Longquan to learn about Chinese jade like celadon and premiered Bird Song Diamond at the largest VR space in the world. It is not about the media, it is about being the medium for the message. If you train to be a good medium, it is not about you either, but about what humanity needs to hear. Seems like we need to listen to the animals and develop a closer relationship.
painting Hox on ceramics

Just received this on We Chat from Chen Mo — there is a 50% chance that the ceramic breaks while firing so they had me paint two plates — both survived!



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